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About Aakkash

Mr.SajimohanAakkash Builders of Chennai, Tamilnadu, India have 22 long years of service excellence. That’s how, Aakkash Builders stands for something special. Since its inception in 1989, it has been responsible for building 280 houses in and around Chennai. It has also covered a vast area in the outskirts of Chennai i.e.) the present Greater Chennai. During the late 80’s Mr. K.M. Sajimon, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Aakkash Builders saw immense potential opportunities in the building sectors in this region. He gained expert knowledge while working with many reputed Architects, Builders and Promoters.

K.M Sajimon, Chairman and MD of Aakkash Builders

Aakkash Builders is the name you can trust always. The core and the ultimate specialty of Aakkash Builders is nothing but the personal spaces designed exclusively with you in mind by inheriting your ideas, thought and vision and there by making customer as the centre of everything. Your dream under Aakkash Builders becomes an amalgamation of aesthetics, intelligent design with good art work. The combination of truly skilled masons, under the surveillance of committed supervisors, regular guidance of the engineers and fine tuned managers we build a home of life wherever we are committed. This unique specialty reflects in all the aspects especially in the attitude and in the ethics we follow.

With a team of intellectual supervisors, highly professional and committed engineers and trustworthy and able managers, Aakkash Builders leaves no stone untouched in building your dream projects. Each and every project that we undertake is a dream project, we live with the project and also we find pleasure and joy in the project. So naturally it becomes part and partial of each of one us.


To uphold international standards, to create and develop new benchmarks in quality with economy ,to adhere to the core ethical business practices, social norms and values, to build on time, to build the houses at most satisfaction to the clients and modernity with a determination in the mind to build a bond with the clients for the everlasting future.


To be customer centric to build, design, and to create homes for the clients by upholding the true satisfaction of the clients by reflecting the most modern styles as well as aesthetics in the eye of the beholder. To become the complete and soul solution provider in the industry. In every phase of the construction we maintain consistency, environmental friendliness and strive for the constant improvements in quality. We provide quality beyond the expectations of the customer.

Our Core Value

Uncompromising and enduring commitment to the quality, safety, ethics, aesthetics and team work.


  • Unmatched quality

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

  • Most modern style and design

  • On time delivery

  • Upholding the business ethics

  • Building trust not just Homes to live in

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What Our Clients Say

"Dr M.GANESH & family - We would always cherish our memories with AAKKASH BUILDERS as partners in bringing our dream home come true. At every stage of our plan we witnessed a personal touch and commitment which has really amazed us. more..."

"S.Sankaran, M.E., - All of us build our dream home once in our life time with our hard earned money. Every body expects quality home according to their budget. more..."